Lurisia ski area - Events PURCHASE


Riferimento 1327
Prezzo 200.000 €
Tipologia Attività commerciale
Contratto vendita
Comune Roccaforte Mondovì
Mq 166.878
Classe energetica
Classe energetica N.D.

informazioni aggiuntive

The Bankruptcy of Lurisia srl ??gondola (Cuneo Law Court 09/2015) invites to present expressions of interest for the purchase of the ski area owned located in the municipality of Roccaforte Mondovì (Cn), location Lurisia, consisting of building at high altitude (1500 m asl) for hotel / restaurant use equipped with equipment and furnishings, workshop equipment, ski lifts, materials for ski facilities (spare parts, nets, poles, mattresses, artificial snowmaking system, etc.), numbered vehicles, work vehicles, buildings used for storage and storage, as well as agricultural land located along the side of the mountain and, downstream, along the road that leads to the departure station of the high-altitude climbing plant, on which there are some rural buildings, all with the clarifications that:a) the minor portion (warehouse) already sold within the executive procedure n. 10045/2010 rooted before bankruptcy c / o the Court of Cuneo (ex Mondovì)b) the complex is currently the subject of a rental contract expiring on 10/31/2021;c) the reference price is € 200.000,00 plus the legal accessories if due and the costs of transfer of ownership and cancellation of liens;d) expressions of interest will be collected by the specialized operator pursuant to art. 107 l.f. It Auction srl or they can be delivered to the Curator's office (Mondovì, piazza Ellero n. 45) together with an updated Chamber of Commerce and an identity document and tax code of the signatory.For details on the factual and legal status of the assets being transferred, reference is made to the appraisal report in full and unconditional.For any needs for further clarification, contact the Curator (Dr. Angelo Barzelloni) during office hours at the addresses 0174 43111/45155. Visita l'immobile: